DVD: Power to the People


Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American


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Russian Strength Training Secrets For Every American

With Pavel Tsatsouline

DVD, 47 minutes

Turn on Pavel’s Power to the People! DVD and watch in amazement as you rapidly increase your strength by 20, 30, even 50 percent—often in one session!

Power to the People!

  • Achieve super-strength without training to muscle failure or exhaustion
  • Know the secret of hacking into your ‘muscle software’ to magnify power and muscle
  • Discover how to mold your whole body into an off-planet rock with only two exercises
  • Discover futuristic techniques to squeeze more horsepower out of your body-engine
  • Discover how to maximize muscular tension and get traffic-stopping muscular definition
  • Know how to gain beyond your wildest dreams—with less chance of injury
  • Discover a high intensity, immediate gratification technique for massive strength gains
  • Discover the eight most effective breathing habits for lifting weights
  • Learn the secret that separates elite athletes from ‘also-rans’

“Pavel’s information in Power to the People! is beneficial even for experienced strength training athletes. I found many helpful pearls to increase my powerlifting totals even though I already hold many national and world powerlifting records and titles. I will be using his advice this month in competitions.”—Johnny Gayton, M.D., Warner Ronins, GA


Turn on Pavel’s Power to the People! video and watch in amazement as you rapidly increase your strength by 20, 30, even 50 percent—often in one session!

You may, or may not, want to startle your friends, excite your lovers, scare your enemies and paralyze your neighbors with envy, but believe me, it’s gonna happen when you easily absorb Pavel’s breakthrough strength secrets.

Of course, what’s most important is how you’re gonna feel about yourself. Get real! Toss out your lame rationalizations and pathetic excuses. Stop behaving like a spoilt brat about your infantile levels of strength. Stop hating yourself for banging your head against phony training plateaus. Now you can smash through the glass ceiling of your ignorance and burst into the higher reaches of maximum performance.

Let’s face it—it’s a delicious feeling to be as strong as a panther—confident, sure-of-yourself, genuinely attractive, a SPECIMEN, THE GENUINE ARTICLE, stalking the streets with evident power and natural grace.

I don’t care who you are or what you are, I promise you: grab Pavel’s Power to the People! video IMMEDIATELY, plug yourself in—and I MEAN, PLUG YOURSELF IN—do what it says, and you won’t believe the new you.

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