November 28

Swing it, Baby!


Hi all,

This is the very first IronCore kettlebell practice. You’ll find out over the weeks to come that I like it simple, yet effective.

You’ll need two snatchsize + 1/2 kettlebells (if you snatch a 24kg, use two 28kg) plus a 30secs timer.

Here’s the drill:

Phase 1:
5 times:
– 10 swings with two bells
– 30 secs rest

Phase II:
5 times:
– 10 one-hand swings left
– 10 one-hand swings right
– 30 secs rest

Phase III:
5 times:
– 10 two-hand swings

No girls, you’re not going to get more rest between the phases.

Enjoy the pain!


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