DVD: Relax Into Stretch


Instant Flexibility Through Mastering Muscle Tension

Be as Flexible as You Want to Be

Faster, Safer and Sooner

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Instant Flexibility Through Mastering Muscle Tension

Be as Flexible as You Want to Be

Faster, Safer and Sooner

Conventional stretching attempts to literally elongate your tissues, which is dangerous and ineffective. Relax into Stretch simply teaches your muscles to relax into a stretch. If you compare traditional training to a messy hardware reorganization, then Relax into Stretch is an efficient software upgrade.

While stretching tissues may take years, changes in the nervous system are immediate! Your muscles will start noticeably elongating from your first Relax into Stretch practice and within months you will have achieved a level of flexibility uncommon to our species.

Pavel Tsatsouline

Exercises covered in the Relax into Stretch Video

1      The Souped Up Toe Touch

2      The Spine Decompression Hang

3      The Improved Cobra

4      The Side Bend

5      The Spine Rotation

6      The Lateral Neck and Trap Stretch

7      The Headache Buster

8      The Anti-Slouch Neck Stretch

9      The Head Turner

10   The Chest Opener

11   The Overhead Reach

12   The Biceps and Shoulder Stretch

13   The Shoulder Blade and Lat Stretch

14   The Upper Back Loosener

15   The Wrist Flexion

16   The Wrist Extension

17   The Good Morning Hamstring Stretch

a      standing

b      seated on a chair

c      seated on the floor

18   The Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

19   The Lunge Hip Flexor Stretch

20   The Karate Stance Hip Flexor Stretch

21   The Karate Stance Groin Stretch Page 84

22   The Seated Groin Stretch Page 86

23   The Calf Stretch Page 89

24   The Shin and Instep Stretch Page 91

Pavel Tsatsouline, a former physical training instructor for Spetsnaz, the Soviet Special Forces, is the best selling author of numerous cutting edge books on fitness, including Power to the People, Bullet-Proof Abs and The Russian Kettlebell Challenge. His nationally aclaimed seminars deliver fast, safe results that anyone can put to immediate practical use – whether you are an elite athelete, a SWAT operative or a weekend warrior looking to be in the best shape of your life.

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